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Professional Trick Riding Team

Our friend Hanna

At the age of four Hanna, nicknamed "Angel Princess," being the only girl of 3 children, has a true love for horses. Hanna has always loved to be outside riding her horses, being involved in Gymkhana events, quading, and skiing in the winter. Hanna developed a new love, which seemed to touch a special place in her heart. It all started when she saw The Graham Sister's at the Lea Park Rodeo in 2006. The show seemed to inpsire her to become a trick rider, which changed her name from "Angel Princess" to "Angel Princess Trick Rider." Hanna knows all the moves and you could often find her playing trick riding with her cousins. Unforunately Hanna was in a tragic car accident on December 6th, 2007, which broke her back in 3 spots and stretched her spinal cord, leaving her paralysed from the ribs down. We first met Hanna in February when she came to visit us at our farm. We were really touched by her story and became instant friends. We were able to make Hanna's dream come true at the Canadian National College Finals Rodeo in Edmonton. Hanna rode around a lap recieving a standing ovation, and did awesome!



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