****** THE GRAHAM SISTERS ******

Professional Trick Riding Team

 "When you count your blessings... Count your horse twice"

We are very fortunate to have flashy palominos. The horses are our best friends as we spend hours with them. Like people they have unique personalities and are true atheletes, therefore are each on a training program.               






Meet Mr. Fame!

Fame started out as the most spirited horse of the bunch and has definately been the most rewarding to train. Mr. Fame gives his whole heart every lap. He is beautiful and has a special spot in Krista's heart!



Meet Ice!


Matching perfectly Ice joined the gang in 2011. With extensive training, practice and determination, we were able to get "Ice" ready in time to perform at the first event. Amber and Ice are now inseparable and he has become part of the family. He is receptive, full of life, super smooth to ride, and loves to run!
















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